Local Grants Contacts

Maryland Local Government Grants Contacts

Compiled by the Maryland Grants Office. For Corrections, please email maryland.grants@maryland.gov.

In addition to its network of state agency grants administrators, the Governor’s Grants Office has cultivated a wide network throughout the State of people who serve as grants resource specialists at the county and/or municipal level and at school systems and community colleges. Each Department of Social Services (DSS), part of the state’s Department of Human Resources, has a primary contact on grants issues. Most counties in Maryland are now served by a community foundation to serve the needs of its community. Local Management Boards (LMBs) help prioritize local spending decisions for children. Some public libraries offer grant information. Volunteer Centers can be invaluable for moving along projects.

While all of these resources can potentially be a source of funding, they often will play a more valuable role in helping to build additional partnerships. What follows is a compilation of these resources, listed by county.

Contact Information
Allegany County​

Allegany College of Maryland: David Jones, V.P of Advancement and Community Relations, djones@allegany.edu, 301-784-5200.

DSS: Kim Truly, kim.truly@maryland.gov, 301-784-7105

Community Foundation: Community Trust Foundation, Inc., Sandi Rowland, 301-876-9172, email: info@ctfinc.org web: www.ctfinc.org

LMB: Lesa Diehl, c/o Allegany County Health Department, www.lmb.allconet.org, 301-759-5070. 

Volunteer Center: Deborah Miller, 301-724-7116, volunteercenter@allconet.org​

Anne Arundel County​

County:  Sandy Smolnicky, Grants Officer, 410-222-1220; exsmol156@aacounty.org

Anne Arundel Community College: Kathy Bolton, Director, Sponsored Programs, kebolton@aacc.edu.

DSS: Iris Mapp, imapp@dhr.state.md.us, 301-269-4660.

Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County, Melissa Curtin, director, melissa@cfaac.org, 410-280-1102, web: http://www.cfaac.org/

LMB: Pamela M. Brown, Ph.D., Executive director, srbrow00@aacounty.org, 410-222-7423, www.aacounty.org/LocalMgmtBoard 

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at: Annapolis branch library, 410-222-1750; www.aacpl.net/grants  

Volunteer Center:  Lisa Spallitta, director; 410-897-9207  lisa@volunteerannearundel.org,  www.aacvc.org​​

Baltimore City​

Municipal: ​Bill Harris, Grants manager, Bill.Harris@baltimorecity.gov, 410-395-6556

DSS: John Sullivan, john.sullivan@maryland.gov, 443-378-4642

Baltimore Community Foundation, Tom Wilcox, twilcox@bcf.org, 410-332-4171, www.bcf.org

LMB: Family League of Baltimore City, Jonathan Rondeau, President & CEO, jrondeau@familyleague.org. 410-662-5500, www.flbcinc.org

Baltimore City Community College: Michelle Towson, director of Grants Development, mtowson@bccc.edu

Private Funders Network grant collection housed at: Enoch Pratt Free Library, Grants Collection, Social Science and History Department, grc@prattlibrary.org, 410-396-5320.

Volunteer Center: Sarah Long, 410-366-6030, information@volunteercentral.net, www.volunteercentral.net ​

Baltimore County​

County: Yolanda Winkler, Government Affairs director, ywinkler@baltimorecountymd.gov, 410-887-2450.

Schools: Angela Euculano, Grants Specialist, Baltimore County Public Schools, 410-887-3487

Community College of Baltimore County: Nancy Smith, Director of Grants Development, nsmith@ccbcmd.edu

DSS: Jamaal Moses, 410-853-3905.

Baltimore Community Foundation, Tom Wilcox, 410-332-41721, email: twilcox@bcf.org web: www.bcf.org

LMB: Donald Schlimm, Acting Executive director, dschlimm@baltimorecountymd.gov, 410-887-8727, www.baltimorecountymd.gov/agencies/lmb

Retired Senior Volunteer Program: Allison Vogrin, director, avogrin@baltlimorecountymd.gov, 410-887-3101 ​

Calvert County​

County: Rachel Griffith, Grants coordinator, griffirk@co.cal.md.us, 410-535-1600 x2284

Schools: Joyce King, Supervisor of Primary Education, kingj@calvertnet.k12.md.us, 410-535-7203

DSS: Rebecca Gray, Asst Director of Admin and Finance Rebecca.gray@maryland.gov443-550-6993.

LMB: Calvert County Family Network, Jennifer Moreland, coordinator, morelaje@co.cal.md.us, 410-414-5997, https://md-calvertcounty.civicplus.com/CCFN

Community Foundation of Southern Maryland: 240-670-4483; director@cfosm.org web: www.crsomd.org

Volunteer Center: Volunteer Southern Maryland, 301-934-7642, volunteer@csmd.edu, vsmd.csmd.edu

Private Funders Network grants collection house at: Prince Frederick branch library, Jen Seidel, 410-535-0291; JSeidel@calvertlibrary.info calvert.lib.md.us/fc.html

Caroline County

County: Lindsay Norfolk, Grants Coordinator, 410-479-4091, knorfolk@carolinemd.org

​​Schools: 410-479-1460

DSS: Linda Webb, lwebb@dhr.state.md.us, 410-819-4470.

Mid-Shore Community Foundation, W.W. "Buck" Duncan, 410-821-8175, email: wduncan@mscf.org web: www.mscf.org

LMB: Susan Runnels, director, Caroline County Human Services Council, srunnels@cchsc.org, 410-479-4446, www.cchsc.org

Town of Federalsburg, George “Happy” Mayer, Jr., Grants Manager, gmayer@federalsburg.org, 410-754-8173


​Carroll County​

County: Debby Standiford, Grants Manager, 410-386-2212, dstandiford@ccg.carr.org

Community College: Karen Pelton, Asst. Director of Institutional Advancement, kpelton@carrollcc.edu


Schools:  410-751-3083 or 410-751-3082

DSS: Frank Valenti, frank.valenti@maryland.gov, 410-386-3336.

Community Foundation of Carroll County: Audrey Cimino, acimino@carrollcommunityfoundation.org, 410-876-5505; www.carrollcommunityfoundation.org

LMB: Lisa Hecker, manager, lhecker@ccg.carr.org, 410-386-3600, www.carrollfamilies.org


Cecil County

County: Rebecca Anderson, Budget manager, randerson@ccgov.org, 410-996-8302

​​Schools: Rick Edwards, Grants Coordinator, redwards@ccps.org, 410-996-5663

Cecil College: Rebecca Walker, Director, Academic Program Support, rwalker@cecil.edu, 443-674-1948

DSS: Diana Klusak, director, Diana.klusak@maryland.gov, 410-996-0250

LMB: Barbara Smith, Partnership Division Chief, Cecil County Human Services Agency, c/o Cecil County Department of Social Services, bsmith@ccgov.org, 410-996-8430 and Amy Crabill, LMB director, ancrabill@ccgov.org, 410-996-8088

Volunteer Center: Krista Gilmore, Cecil County Department of Community Services, kgilmore@ccgov.org, 410-996-8416

Charles County​

County: Debra Posey, Grant Analyst, 301-638-2404, PoseyD@charlescounty.org

College of Southern Maryland: Becky Cockerham, Grants Development Specialist, BeckyC@csmd.edu.

Schools: Tony Silva, Instructional Specialist, Office of Program Support, 301-934-7366, tsilva@ccboe.com

DSS: Debbie Guled, dguled@dhr.state.md.us, 301-392-6461

LMB: Carolyn Thompson, coordinator, wolcottb@charlescounty.org, thompcar@charlescountymd.gov, 301-396-5244, www.charlescounty.org/hsp

Private Funders Network grants collection: Waldorf West branch library, Contact Shannon Bland, sbland@ccplonline.org, 301-645-1395 x434 www.ccplonline.org/nonprofit

Community Foundation of Southern Maryland: 240-670-4483, director@cfosm.org   www.cfsomd.org

Volunteer Center: Volunteer Southern Maryland, volunteer@csmd.edu, vsmd.csmd.edu

Dorchester County​


County: Cindy Smith, Grants monitor, csmith@docogonet.com, 410-228-0281 x1104

Schools: Jodi Coleman,Supervisor of Title 1/1, Elem School Reading, 410-221-1111 x 1003, colemanj@dcpsmd.org

DSS: Nicolette Smith-Bliden, director 410-901-4243

Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore: Erica Joseph, joseph@cfes.org, 410-742-9911, www.cfes.org

Mid-Shore Community Foundation, W.W. "Buck" Duncan, 410-820-8175, email: wduncan@mscf.org web: www.cfes.org

LMB: Nancy Shockley, nshockley@docogonet.com, 410-228-0281 x1103


Frederick County​

County: Melanie Thom, Grants Team Leader, 301-600-2217, mthom@FrederickCountyMD.gov

Schools: 301-696-6855

Frederick Community College: Deborah Powell, Foundation director, Dpowell@frederick.edu

DSS: Deborah Lundahl, dlundahl@dhr.state.md.us, 410-694-2429.

Community Foundation of Frederick County: Betsy Day, b.day@frederickcountygives.org, 301-695-7660

LMB: Leslie Barnes, director, Frederick County Office for Children and Families, lbarnes@frederickcountymd.gov, 301-600-1447, www.co.frederick.md.us/ocf

Private Funders Network grants collection: C. Burr Artz Central Library, David Payne, 301-600-3773 or 301-600-1383; dpayne@frederickcountymd.gov www.fcpl.org


​Garrett County​

County: Cindy Sharon, 301-334-1990, csharon@garrettcounty.org

Schools: Brenda McCartney, Assistant Superintendent, Public Schools, 301-334-8937.

Garrett College: James Allen, Director of Institutional Planning, james.allen@garrettcollege.edu.

DSS: Alicia Streets, Alicia.streets@maryland.gov, 301-533-3027.

Community Foundation: Community Trust Foundation, Sandi Rowland, 301-876-9172, info@ctfinc.org web: www.ctfinc.org

LMB:  Fred Polce, CSA/LMB, director, fred.polce@maryland.gov  301-334-7440, www.garrettpartnerhship.org​​


Harford County​


County:  Brenda Peisinger, Grants administrator, mbpeisinger@harfordcountymd.gov, 410-638-3129 x1299

Community Foundation of Harford County: Brigitte Peters brigittep@cfharfordcounty.com; 443-371-6062; www.cfharfordcounty.org

Schools: Mary Beth Stapleton, Grants Coordinator, 410-588-5263 mary.stapleton@hcps.org 

DSS: Jerry Reyerson, jreyerso@dhr.state.md.us, 410-836-44955.

LMB:  Silvana Bowker, director, Department of Community Services, sbowker@harfordcountymd.gov, 410-638-3389 x1306, www.harfordcountymd.gov 

Volunteer Center: Kristy Heim, klheim@harfordcountymd.gov, 410-638-3389, x1311  www.volunteerharford.org

Howard County​

County: Tom Wall, Grants Oversight Manager, 410-313-2098, tfwall@@howardcountymd.gov

Schools: Tricia Murphy, Program Support Specialist, 410-313-6648, Tricia_Murphy@hcpss.org

DSS: Linda Zumbrun, 410-872-8267.

Community Foundation of Howard County: Beverly White-Seals, bwhiteseals@cfhoco.org, 410-730-7840,  www.cfhoco.org

LMB: Marsha Dawson, coordinatorHoward County Local Children's Board, mdawson@howardcountymd.gov, 410-313-1940, www.howardcountymd.gov/localchildrensboard

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at:  Howard County public library Miller branch in Ellicott City, contact Kim Montenyohl, Kim.Montenyohl@hclibrary.org, 410-313-7785; hclibrary.org 

Volunteer Center: Pamela Simonson, Executive Director, info@volunteerhoward.org; 410-715-3172; www.volunteerhoward.org

​Kent County​

County: Amy Moredock, director of Planning, Housing, and Zoning, amoredock@kentgov.org, 410-778-7473; Pat Merritt, CFO, pmerritt@kentgov, 410-778-7456; Shannon Bitter, Accounts manager, sbitter@kentgov.orgl Lisa Mazingo, director, Kent Family Center, lmazingo@kentgov.org

Schools: Nina Newlin, Supervisor,  nnewlin@kent.k12.md.us, 410-778-6902, Gina Jachimowicz, Supervisor of Early Childhood and Elementary Education,  gjachimowicz@kent.k12.md.us​, 410-778-7116

DSS: Paula Gish, pgish@dhr.state.md.us, 410-810-7653.

Mid-Shore Community Foundation, W.W. "Buck" Duncan,  410-820-8175,  email: wduncan@mscf.org web: www.mscf.org

LMB: Rosemary Ramsey Granillo, director, Family and Community Partnerships of Kent County, rramseygranillo@kentgov.org rector, 410-810-2673, www.kentcounty.com/lmb

Montgomery County


​​County: Kathleen Sheedy, Grants Administrator, Health and Human Services, Kathleen.sheedy@montgomerycountymd.gov, 240-777-4518; Joan Schaffer, Council Grants Manager, 240-777-7935, joan.schaffer@montgomerycountymd.gov; Jedediah Millard, Sr. Management and Budget Specialist, Office of Management and Budget, Jedediah.Millard@montgomerycountymd.gov, 240-777-2769

Schools: Lisa Wiseman, Grants Specialist, Public Schools, 301-279-3585

Montgomery College:  Nancy Nuell, director of Business Development and Grants, nancy.nuell@montgomerycollege.edu.

Montgomery County Community Foundation, Anna Hargave, 301-495-3036, 301-588-2544, web: www.thecommunityfoundationmc.org

LMB:  April Kaplan, director, Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families, april.kaplan@collaborationcouncil.org, 301-610-0147, www.collaborationcouncil.org

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at: Rockville branch library; contact Dana Alsup, 240-777-0170; montgomerycountymd.libguides.com

The Private Funders Network grants collection is also housed at: The Nonprofit Village Center, 12320 Parklawn Dr., Rockville. 301-230-0111; www.thenonprofitvillage.org

Volunteer Center: Molly Callaway, 240-777-2607, molly.callaway@montgomerycountymd.govwww.montgomeryserves.org​​

Prince George's County​

County: DeAnna Baker-Mims, Office of Management and Budget, DMBaker-Mims@co.pg.md.us, 301-952-3300

Bowie: Jesse Buggs, 301-809-3094, jbuggs@cityofbowie.org

Schools: Veronica Harrison, director, Office of Strategic Resource Planning, Veronica.Harrison@pgcps.org, 301-952-6361; Wardell Payne, Grants Development Specialist, Wardell.Payne@pgcps.org, 301-780-2182; Frederick Hutchinson, Strategic Planning Specialist, fhutch@pgcps.org, 301-952-6796

Prince George’s Community College: Brenda Mitchell, Director of Development, mitchebs@pgcc.edu.

DSS: Loretta Tillery, ltillery@dhr.state.md.us, 301-909-7010. 

DSS/Child Support: Carole Martindale-Padmore, cpadmore@dhr.state.md.us, 301-316-4046.

Prince George's Community Foundation: Desiree Griffin-Moore, 301-918-8480, email: dgriffin@cfncr.org web: www.thecommunityfoundationpgc.org

LMB: Elana Belton-Butler, Acting director, Prince George's County Commission for Children, Youth and Families, etbutler@co.pg.md.us, 301-265-8446

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at:  Laurel Branch library, contact Hannah Erickson, 301-776-6790; Hannah.Erickson@pgcmls.info www.pgcmls.info

Volunteer Services:  James Morrow, coordinator, Office of Homeland Security, jlmorrow@co.pg.md.us, 301-324-4342

Queen Anne's County​

County: Mike Clark, Community Partnerships, 410-758-6677, mclark@qac.org; Michele Middleton mmiddleton@qac.org

Schools: Diane Larrimore, Grants Specialist, Public Schools, 410-758-2403

Chesapeake College: Kim Miller, director, Institutional Planning

DSS: Susan Coppage, director, susan.coppag@maryland.gov, 410-758-8059

Mid-Shore Community Foundation:  W.W. "Buck" Duncan, 410-820-8175, wduncan@mscf.orgwww.mscf.org

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at: Chesapeake College Librray Learning Resource Center at Wye Mills; (Open to the public) contact Ginny Capute, 410-827-2318​ or 410-827-5860 x318; www.info.chesapeake.edu



Somerset County​

County: Gene Adkins, Finance director, gadkins@somersetmd.us, 410-777-8021

LMB: Rota Knott, director, rotta.knott@maryland.gov, 410-651-2824

Schools: Vicki Miller, Director of Finance & Management, Public Schools, 410-651-1485, vmiller@somerset.k12.md.us

DSS: Joyce Cottman, joyce.cottman@maryland.gov, 410-677-4389.

Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore: Erica Joseph, joseph@cfes.org,  www.cfes.org

Volunteer Center: ShoreCAN Volunteer Center, Salisbury University, 410-546-6015, www.salisbury.edu/community/servicelearning​​

​St. Mary's County​

County: Dr. Rebecca Bridgett, County administrator, Rebecca.bridgett@stmarysmd.com, 301-475-4200 x1321

Schools: Vicki Miller, Director of Finance & Management, Public Schools, 410-651-1485, vmiller@somerset.k12.md.us

Community Foundation of Southern Maryland: 240-670-4483; director@cfosm.org  www.cfesomd.org

LMB: Kelsey Bush, manager, Kelsey.bush@stmarysmd.com, 301-475-4200 x1848

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at: St. Mary's public library, Lexington Park branch. 301-863-8188 x1013; www.stmalib.org/online-services/grant-seekers/

Volunteer Center: Volunteer Southern Maryland, 301-934-7642, volunteer@csmd.edu, www.vsmd.csmd.edu

Talbot County​

​County: Angela Lane, Finance director, alane@talbotcountymd.gov, 410-770-8021

Schools: Charles Connolly, Director of Finance, Public Schools, 410-822-0330, x109, cconnolly@tcps.k12.md.us

Hilary Spence, Grants Specialist, Public Schools, 410-822-0330, hspence@tcps.k12.md.us

DSS: Lynn Gurley, 410-770-4978.

Mid-Shore Community Foundation, W.W. "Buck" Duncan, 410-820-8175, wduncan@mscf.orgwww.mscf.org 

LMB:  Angela Lane, County Finance director, Talbot Family Network, alane@talbotcountymd.gov, 410-770-8021, www.talbotcountymd.gov

Washington County​

County: Deb Murray, Budget and Finance Director, 240-313-2300, Dmurray@washco-md.net 

Schools: 301-766-2974

DSS: Russell Citro, rcitro@dhr.state.md.us, 240-420-2190.

Community Foundation of Washington County, Brad Sell, 301-745-5210, email: brads@cfwcmd.org web: www.cfwcmd.org

LMB: Susan Buchanan, Senior Grant Manager, Washington County Office of Community Grant Management, sbuchanan @washco-md.net, 240-313-2092

Private Funders Network grants collection housed at: Hagerstown branch library, contact Harry Sachs, 301-739-3250 x310; hsachs@washcolibrary.org www.washcolibrary.org

Volunteer Center: Hagerstown, Maryland, Emily Beecher, ebeecher@unitedwaywashcounty.org, 301-739-8200, http://volunteer.unitedwaywashcounty.org



Wicomico County​

County: Sharon Morris, Assistant director of Administration, 410-548-4801

LMB: Lisa Campbell, director, Wicomico Partnership for Families and Children, lcampbell@wicomicocounty.org, 410-546-5400

Schools: Linda Stark, School Improvement coordinator, 410-677-4478, Deanna Morris, Grants Specialist, 410-677-4532

DSS: Gaylena Bevins, 410-713-3913.

Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore: Erica Joseph, joseph@cfes.org, 410-742-9911,  www.cfes.org
The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore also houses the Private Funders Network grants collection.

Volunteer Center: United Way "Get Connected" ​

Worcester County​

County: Kathy Whited, Budget officer, 410-632-3001, kwhited@co.worcester.md.us, Kim Reynolds, Budget Accountant, kreynolds@co.worcester.md.us, 410-632-1194, x1005

Schools: Sandy Pacella, Grant Writer, Public Schools, 410-632-5003, SMPAcella@mail.worcester.k12.md.us.

DSS: Mary Beth Quillen, Marybeth.quillen@maryland.gov, 410-677-6834.

Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore: Erica Joseph, joseph@cfes.org, 410-742-9911, www.cfes.org

Municipal: Wayne Pryor, Ocean City Grants coordinator, 410-289-8463; wpryor@oceancitymd.gov

LMB: Jessica Sexauer, director, Worcester County Initiative to Preserve Families, Jessica.sexauer@maryland.gov 410-632-3648, www.worcesterchildren.org

Volunteer Center: Kelly Brinkley, 410-632-0090 x1403, kbrinkley@co.worcester.md.us, www.co.worchester.md.us/volunteerservices.htm